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Three Phase Plan Checklist for Returning to the Workplace

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Organizations around the country are beginning efforts to re-open offices, retail businesses, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, and other physical locations. Interpreting requirements from varying levels of local and state governments while navigating the complexities of best practices issues by trade and industry groups is a challenge that most organizations could use help to manage.

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Newark Police Issue Summonses to Manufacturers for Violating Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders 104, 107, and 108

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Despite the EOs, the Newark Police Department has issued summonses to Newark-based manufacturers and their employees for having too many employees on the floor and at the work place. During one visit, the police told the manufacturer the company could not have over 50 employees on the warehouse floor. At another manufacturer, the manufacturer was told it could not have over 10 employees working at one time. Both times the Newark Police incorrectly interpreted and applied Executive Orders 104, 107, and 108. Other companies and their employees have been fined. These summonses violate the EOs because Governor Murphy has deemed manufacturing companies as essential to the public and supply chain, and stated that they can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic provided manufacturers reduce staff to the minimum staff required to perform essential functions. Porzio has been working with the manufacturers to address the issues they are facing.